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(English) The Future of Content Marketing


  • Build an always-on content strategy at scale.
  • Expand your audiences and data.
  • Deliver ROI.


(English) Innovations in technology and changing consumer behaviour have changed the media landscape drastically. The way people now seek out and discover brands via needs and passion-based searches has moved further away from traditional media and towards content that actually gives some value or meaning. It’s therefore essential that brands deliver this if they want to win the battle for attention and market for precision.

Consumer expectations are rising, with 63% believing branded content in Britain is poor and irrelevant (Marketing Week, 2019). The pressure is mounting on teams to create better content at a faster-pace whilst being as cost-effective as possible, and this event will bring together insights from digital, SEO and content leaders who have successfully done this.

We’ll explore how content marketing is evolving and how brands can create a unified strategy that delivers the right content to the right people, helping to generate more data. We’ll also provide practical guidance for doing this at scale across different markets and/or audience groups, as well as how you can demonstrate its effectiveness and ROI.

We hope you’ll join us!



  • How do you create better content at a faster pace, and more cost-effectively?
  • How do you connect and engage with audiences at scale?
  • How do you use audience data to plan and inform your content marketing strategy?
  • How can you marry the first party data collected from content discovery to enhance your paid distribution?
  • How do you drive sales and prove ROI through content?
  • How do you build and maintain a successful content hub?