Danone came to us with an almost abandoned website: DanoneBaby. As a leader in the infant nutrition sector, the brand didn’t communicate properly with its audience. They needed relevant, engaging content to reach their target. In June 2017, when we started the project, Danone Baby had 23,392 page views/month and 12,471users/month (organic traffic).


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    We set to work on a content and SEO-driven editorial plan that analysed market trends, competitors, brand goals and values to create strong content and messaging that would resonate.

    After taxonomy and keyword research we set to work with our global studios and produced 35-40 pieces of content every month, focused on nutrition and health. We also created videos and infographics.


    After 23 months, the outcome was impressive. We went from 12,000 users to more than 550,000 users, becoming one of the greatest players on the infant nutrition sector and one of the biggest projects in Green Park Content Brazil.