With close to 15 million monthly searches for recipes in Indonesia, the region is a key market for Unilever food products. Green Park Content were appointed in 2018 to implement a strategy that would achieve cut-through, increase top-of-mind awareness and encourage more Indonesians to cook using Unilever food products, in a somewhat overcrowded and competitive market.

The ambition was to create an online destination that would grow a loyal and organic audience, providing relevant and useful content for users looking for recipe inspiration. We aimed to position MAHI in the top 5 positions on google and become the Top 5 Cooking Platform in Indonesia within the first three years of inception. Our long-term goal was to successfully drive strong organic traffic and gather quality first party data, that would help to reduce media spend across Unilever Food digital activities.


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It all started with in-depth research and assessment of the food category to seek out and identify the best opportunities for us to capitalise on. Next, we developed and created a friendly and optimised ‘publisher’ structure platform, delivering a high volume of content production delivered against search queries and opportunities identified in our analysis.

We developed a tone of voice that would identify with the target audience and produced editorial guidelines for brand consistency. Search taxonomy was created to accommodate related keywords, as well as a friendly and optimised SEO platform, to inspire home cooks to learn about Indonesian food. Unilever Food products were positioned as a partner in the home cooking experience, providing helpful essentials for the kitchen. was launched in April 2018. We amplified content through social media, delivering inspirational content that would create direct conversations to hep us build a strong community. We extended our outreach to recipe marketplaces such as the popular JD.ID to drive a direct connection with our audience.


In just over a year, MAHI became the leading branded recipe website for home cooks, capturing almost 500% more users compared to the closest competitor in the industry. In 2019, Masak Apa Hari Ini reached more than 79 million impressions on Google search results page with the average keyword position of 3.8 as of December 2019.

  • By the end of October 2020, MAHI had hit 66 million organic page views
  • We reached 31 million sessions and 78 million page views • Organic traffic accounted for 72% of the overall sessions
  • Over 10,000 keywords currently rank in the top 5 positions on Google search page
  • Our achievements saved Unilever the equivalent of 10 million USD in paid media costs

Our outstanding achievements earned us finalist nominations at The Drum Search Awards 2020 across the following categories for our work on the project:

  • SEO – Best B2C Campaign
  • SEO – Most Effective Use of Content

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