With close to 15 million monthly searches for recipes in Indonesia, the region is a key market for Unilever Food products. As a result, Green Park Content were tasked with how to effectively tap into this competitive market, increase top-of-mind awareness and ultimately get more Indonesians to cook using Unilever food products.

We were tasked with finding a solution which would adopt the best content planning strategy to increase top-of-mind awareness for Unilever Food through strong content. Our goal was to create a content hub that would grow a loyal and organic audience, providing relevant and helpful content for the user, whether they are advanced home cooks or looking for a resource to learn more about Indonesian cuisines.


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    Through in-depth research of search behaviour amongst Indonesian millennials, we created a content hub that became the nation’s top recipe resource, while promoting Unilever Food products as a home cooking partner. We began by understanding the market through studying food and recipe-related search behaviour – creating a tone of voice to identify with the targeted audience; and editorial guidelines for brand consistency. We developed a search taxonomy to accommodate all related keywords, as well as a friendly and optimised SEO platform, to inspire home cooks to learn about Indonesian food. Unilever Food products were positioned as a partner in the home cooking experience, providing helpful essentials for the kitchen, and we successfully built a strong, consistent home cooking community through the platform.




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    Since launching in April 2018, Masak Apa Hari Ini has garnered more than seven million sessions with more than 18 million page views. Organic traffic contributes to more than 70% of total traffic, with the site’s average monthly growth at more than 15%. In just over a year, MAHI has become the leading branded recipe website for home cooks, capturing almost 500% more users compared to the closest competitor in the industry.​ In 2019, Masak Apa Hari Ini reached more than 79 million impressions on Google search page results with the average keyword position of 3.8 as of December 2019. Total sessions reached more than 5.5 million with more than 13 million page views.

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