Way before influencers discussed healthy eating, Jasmine was already a giant in the industry. The brand, founded in 1990, saw less experienced competitors increasing their digital presence. There was a need to reformulate its communication strategy, delivering the pioneering spirit that has always been part of the brand DNA and valuing the benefits of real, healthy, food.

    Content/Data & Tech

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    Green Park Content proposed a new brandbook. We redesigned and enhanced all brand communication: colors and fonts, images and recipes. A content strategy was created and produced. We found ourselves ahead of the social networks, producing content that answered the questions at the top, middle and end of the Jasmine’s sales funnel.


    By the end of the project, Jasmine had a new business proposition, already consolidated, that guided the brand in its digital presence. The digital content showcased the values of the brand perfectly, we engaged a new audience and created positive results.

    • In 12 months, the blog audience went from 56,000 sessions to more than 286,000 sessions – all organic traffic.
    • Brandbook used in all Jasmine communication
    • Social networks also had significant results: at the end of 12 months, there were 110.000 followers (20 thousand more than at the beginning of the project).
    • Facebook had 36,000 new likes, 453,000 post engagements, 882,000 clicks on links and more than 58 million impressions.