Danone came to Green Park Content with an almost abandoned website: Danone Baby. In June 2017, Danone Baby had just over 23k page views and just over 12k users per month (organic traffic). The brand didn’t communicate properly with their audience and their status as a leader in the infant nutrition sector was in decline. Danone needed relevant, engaging and purpose-led content for Danone Early Nutrition websites, optimised for SEO to reach their target market; ensuring childcare nutrition terms positioned Danone high on SERP. The ultimate aim was for Green Park Content to raise Danone’s profile and reaffirm their status as one of the biggest players in the infant and toddler nutrition marketplace.

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Our SEO and editorial teams set to work on taxonomy and keyword research, along with a content plan that analysed market trends, brand goals and values to build strong creative; with a view to build trust and resonate with their target audience. Our global production teams created hundreds of videos, photography and infographics with a focus on nutrition and health every month for the Danone Baby website, activated on social channels. Articles were optimised for infant nutrition search terms and the content produced was educational, informative and adapted to meet audience demands.


In just 23 months, the audience traffic grew from just over 12,000 users to more than 550,000 users. Our SEO work meant that organic traffic to the Danone Baby website now sits at an impressive 91%. From June 2017 we increased:

  • Organic users: 12,744 to 622,615 (4,785,55% increase)
  • Number of sessions per user: 1.12 to 1.23
  • Session numbers:  14,266 to 765,747 (5,267,65% increase)
  • Organic traffic increase from 70% to 91%.
  • 4,298,565 pageviews in 23 months (length of project)
  • In the last 12 months we’ve increased pageviews from 100,000 to 700,000