Shirley Wibisono

Chief Content Officer, APAC

Shirley is the main editorial contact in Asia. As the first GPC employee hired in the region, she grows the team at a rapid speed together with Marcelo. Her love for writing blossomed after she received a steady commission for publishing several fiction stories and articles on the national newspaper when she was 9 years old. She worked on many award-winning projects with Ogilvy and Mather Advertising, became accustomed to biz traveling after working with The Jakarta Globe, Forbes Asia, and Agence France-Presse. She landed on the new digital tech start-up world in 2012, and the rest is history. If you want to know how to combine the force of editorial and studio team, just ask her.

Shirley is also an avid gamer and reader. In her spare time, she nurtures one of the largest book clubs in Indonesia (Jakarta Book Club) and is a proud Pokemon Trainer at level 40 who is still trying her best luck to conquer the next regional PVP tournament.