Milena Prinzi

Editor-In-Chief, All Things Hair en Español

Milena Prinzi joined GPC in December 2016 as the founding Editor-In-Chief of All Things Hair en Español. As a journalist living in the Big Apple, Milena started her professional career at MSF, Doctors Without Borders as a Communications Intern. From then on, her passion for the written word allowed her to grow as a key member of editorial teams in Global Corporations, American Media Titans and Start Ups. She utilized her expertise in media at Weight Watchers International, Time, INC, The Huffington Post, Time Warner and Cafe Media.

Milena is also a cinephile who has turned her passion into action by joining New York’s Film Production company Better Days Productions. As an executive producer, she’s been part of many projects, including the multi award winning short “It’s a Mess” starring renown actor Vincent D’Onfrio.

As a respected beauty editor, Milena has shared her tips on camera at NY1 Noticias, on radio at Radio Moody and online with her own beauty and wellness blog Food vs Evil.

If Milena is not trying every single beauty product under the sun or watching movies, she’s attending the opera and creating multiple playlists on Spotify.