David Man

Chief Financial Officer

David’s experience includes working for SMEs in the publishing and online business through to advertising giants like WPP. His expertise spans across several buy/sell deals including a PE exit with Phoenix Equity Partners and Precise Media leading to a trade sale in the industry. He has plenty of experience working for global companies, with the likes of eFinancialCareers and currently, at Green Park Content. This is his first foray into the world of Brand Publishing and the delivery of amazing creatives to a very interesting client base.

He has been in finance and industry all his working career and continues to enjoy helping companies grow and achieve their potential.

Married with 2 sons, David is a keen ‘but not great’ tennis player and a lover of fast cars. He also loves fashion and thinks he dresses rather stylishly (this opinion is not shared by his wife). He has a love/hate relationship with spreadsheets.