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(English) Think like a brand, act like a publisher

(English) How to build a purpose-led content and SEO strategy


(English) With the rise in ad blockers, ad fatigue and distrust, as well as new channels like voice search and streaming services, the challenge facing brands today is how can you continue to engage the increasingly ‘unreachable’ and self-serving consumer? The answer itself isn’t new; through building genuine brand love and loyalty. But with traditional media in decline, brands need to ensure they invest in branded content as a way of reaching customers in a meaningful and non-intrusive way. Content has democratised publishing and the right to inform. Where broadcasters and news channels used to rule, brands are increasingly occupying this space and delivering those ‘water-cooler’, shareable moments. But with so much content being created – and the majority of it being ignored – how can you get cut-through and build connections with your customers on a deeper level? ‘Think like a brand, act like a publisher’ was Green Park Content’s second content marketing event for 2019, featuring insights from leaders in the industry as we explored how you can create a content strategy based on purpose, that helps you move from advertiser to publisher.


(English) How do you start to build a purpose-led content strategy? What do today’s consumers think of branded content? How do they engage with it and on which channels? How do you reduce your reliance on paid media by creating content that people are actually searching for? How do you get your team or organisation thinking like a publisher, making your own brand ‘water-cooler moments’ and getting genuine cut-through? What are the stepping stones to ensuring your content is centralised and consistent? How do you effectively integrate influencers and social into your SEO and content strategy? For key insights, inspiration and practical tips from guest speakers at our second content marketing event, read the full event write up.