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We worked with Seventh Generation to develop a communication strategy that would work for the Asia market.The strategy aimed to position Seventh Generation as a provider of cleaning solutions that are truly different, the products clean effectively yet contain only plant-based and non-toxic ingredients. We created a regional master toolkit and content calendar with the key message communicated throughout; that Seventh Generation is the Safer Choice for consumers who are concerned about harsh chemicals in their daily cleaning products. 

We setup and managed their social media accounts for the Malaysia market in November 2019 – where we produced a series of social media content that drives awareness, education and engagement to drive purchase consideration of the brand.



We produced 4 months worth of content including:

  • Communication Strategy & Content Planning
  • 180 Social Media Assets (to be rolled out in the Asia markets – Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam)
  • Social Media Management & Campaign rollout, publishing 36 pieces of content for Malaysia Facebook and Instagram which resulted in more than 1 Million in reach and engagement in 3 months.
  • Social Media – Brand Audit Report & Insights for Malaysia market.

Ranked #1 plant-based home cleaning in Malaysia. 

Over 1 million in reach and engagement through 36 posts over 3 months.

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