Balancing long and short term marketing strategies.

Ricardo Zanella, CEO LATAM of Green Park Content shares his view on ‘interruption’ advertising and how to strike the balance between short-term commercial gain and long-term engagement. 

A time where surfing the internet without interruption and bombardment of irrelevant messages is the desire of those who surf the internet, either on desktop or mobile.

Digital banners are no longer an effective media for driving engagement, traditional advertising can be expensive and short-term, delivering to audiences at scale for immediate sales and small periods of brand interaction. Quick, impulsive, instantaneous engagement with a brand tends to deliver no long-term value and growth in trust, therefore the interaction is short lived and in effect, ‘forgettable’.

In our cluttered digital landscape, we need to find ways to seek out attention of the consumer. Grabbing that attention will earn trust and interaction with your content, enabling you to stand out from the crowd; in return, gaining you long-term levels of engagement. Interruption advertising will not go away, and the need for impressions and short-term brand awareness can be beneficial, but striking the balance between short-term and the long-term is crucial.

Quality content should present itself as a credible way of showing purpose or value. Therefore, understanding your audience, and producing the content that they want, where they want to see it and in the right formats is essential for a brand to succeed in the coming decade.

Interacting with quality content can be unforgettable enough to build a long-term relationship with the consumer. Even more so, when this content is SEO-Driven and generated from a real consumer need.