The Next Con: Future of content marketing

THE NEXT CON hopes to inspire through knowledge share and insights from digital and content experts.

About the events

With the rapid expansion of digital media and the growing clout of social media, audience engagement has become more challenging. The customer experience is even more critical but aligning content across multiple platforms is not easy. Creating high-performing content that resonates well with your customer, based on a differentiated data-driven content strategy is the difference between success or failure.

THE NEXT CON will not only explore how content marketing is evolving but provide fresh insights into the channels, tools and strategies used by digital, SEO and content leaders to develop more personalised content marketing strategies.


THE NEXT CON is designed for content creators, senior management, digital marketing and communications leaders:

  • Get insights on how to expand your organic growth and improve your social reach
  • Learn more about how to create consistent quality content to improve engagement
  • Find out more about applying transmedia storytelling to your digital campaigns
  • Use audience data to plan and inform your content marketing strategy
  • Be inspired by proven knowledge, shared experiences and future trends in content marketing
  • Network and collaborate with speakers and industry peers

Video From Event