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Unilever Food Solutions

‘Netflix for Chefs’ Global Video Project


Unilever Food Solutions operates in over 70 markets, supporting chefs by offering professional ingredients, dish inspiration, and industry best practice.

Chefs want authentic, credible guidance from their peers and industry leaders, and a source of inspiration that’s a cut above the existing mass of amateur home-cook content.


To meet that need, we created an on-demand ‘Netflix for Chefs’.

This resource is full of technique demonstrations, advice and expert knowledge from professional chefs, delivered via the UFS Academy training app.

Our team sourced and worked closely with over 50 top chefs across three continents to produce hundreds of inspirational training videos shot in their own kitchens by our team of food specialists.

These, along with other learning opportunities, kitchen management information, health & safety, written recipes and Unilever product information are all easily found through a purpose-built app which gives chefs a personalised content experience that’s accessible on-the-go, wherever they are, whenever they need.

The UFS Academy puts Unilever in the kitchens of thousands of chefs worldwide, capturing data and creating engagement opportunities, whilst constantly gathering intelligence as to what content real chefs want to see. Chefs can also interact with the UFS commercial team, place orders and give feedback. As the app rolls out, a paywall will be introduced to generate revenue for the programme.


Green Park Content is now working directly with local UFS teams to produce bespoke content for their markets, translating and publishing ‘always-on’ assets within the Adobe CMS, and activating campaigns on social.

UFS reaches 800 million consumers every year, improving health & well-being, increasing food safety, reducing food waste and sustainable sourcing. Our work with the UFS Academy is just the beginning.

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