International Women’s Day Campaign.


Native Video Branding Campaign – #WhatMatters

Passionate about Flowers, Interflora have been the UK’s most trusted name in flower delivery since 1923. With over 1,200 local Interflora florists across the UK and Ireland, and Interflora florists in 140 countries worldwide, they remain a household brand name both at home and abroad.


To celebrate International Women’s Day on the 8th March, Interflora challenged us to support the brand with their re-positioning, by focusing a brand awareness campaign around their bespoke video content, which brought together a diverse cast of women from all across the UK to talk about the importance and value of female relationships. Heartwarming, emotional and uplifting, these seven videos focused on the power of positive relationships, and their place in society.

We were challenged with distributing these engaging content pieces, to further awareness and recall of Interflora as a trusted, women-positive brand.

Target Audience

We focused on two distinctive female audience groups to share these videos with; two brand personas ‘Rachel’ and ‘Diane’.

‘Rachel’ was a focus on the 29-38 female audience, and from this demo we utilised contextual and behavioural data to target women who were single, had no children, earning under £50k income annually who had behaviours linked to online and impulse shopping.

‘Diane’ targeted the Female 40+ audience, and from this demo we utilised contextual and behavioural data to target women who were married with children, with over £150k income annually, who cared about gardening, landscaping and home decorating, with behaviours linked to online shopping and high value purchases on premium brands.


By using a combination of programmatic prospecting and retargeting activity and rigorous A/B testing of copy, Green Park Content distributed the video to these two audience groups using the innovative and highly engaging out-stream video format.

Before launching the campaign, we planned our strategy using our in-house ‘Performance Cell Targeting Grid’; an internal tool that identifies key factors and testing components we wanted to challenge and explore throughout the campaign.

This meant alongside testing against the whole audience, we strategized to test iterations within the broader targeting factors; impulsive online shopping behaviours, children vs no children, and in-depth analysis of whether those interested in home decorating were more likely to watch the video in its entirely, or whether those interested in gardening (and subsequently, flowers themselves) were more likely to, to name a few tactics.

Not wanting to jump to any preconceptions about their audience, Interflora were keen to start broad with targeting and narrow/exclude tactics as the campaign progressed.

Alongside the video A/B testing we also explored the testing of devices, environments, regions within the UK and specific publisher whitelists to garner more insight into the Interflora audience, and how we could grow and understand them moving forwards.

We employed a CPM biding strategy throughout the campaign to maximise the scale of the campaign, to ensure we could optimise to a CPCV campaign target.


Optimisations undertaken daily focused on streamlining delivery to the best performing videos out of the seven tested; adapting sitelists, publishers and domains to focus on those gaining the best performance.

We also A/B tested to see whether those videos with subtitles performed better than those without. This added an extra layer of insight into the environments users were interacting with these videos on. We found that those with subtitles performed the best. The compelling and emotional content allowed users to hear these women’s stories without having to pause any background music / change their environment in order to do so.


  • We decreased the Cost per Completed view by 40%
  • We increased the amount of 100% completed views that we planned for by 178%
  • We increased the completion rate from 20% planned to 38%

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