Always-On Representative Recruitment.


Native Recruitment Campaign

Campaign Objectives

Avon were interested in cost effectively reaching a B2C audience to sign contracts as representatives selling Avon products.


  • Green Park Content implemented a strategy to focus only on our most premium in-feed inventory and bid high to target the audience where they were more likely to convert.
  • Ads were split between content-based stories and more direct sales.
  • A variety of suppliers are employed and continue to be tested for their conversion performance.
  • Our buying strategy was pure retargeting, aimed at winning bids in order to maximise our reach on a limited set of top-quality inventory.


  • Reduced cost per lead goal by 40%
  • Reduced Cost per contract goal by 47%
  • Increased lead to contract conversion rate by 52% within first 3 months
  • Generating a consistent 173% increase in leads month on month
  • Over 2,250 new leads generated to date
Sponsored Avon Campaign
Sponsored Avon Campaign
Sponsored Avon Campaign
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