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Our client is a leading pharmaceutical brand in healthcare, life science and drug portfolio. Nevertheless, latest research indicated that their prominence would decline unless they were able to engage with the new generation of healthcare professionals.

Facing this concern, plus the threat of new competitor product launches, they had to take action to maintain their market share, preserve brand awareness and ultimately drive sales.


In order to strengthen our client’s positioning as a leader company in fertilisation technology, we conjointly developed a content strategy with a commercial purpose, but at the same time with all the accuracy and objectivity a piece of scientific and rigorous content requires.

Interviewing different prominent figures in the field, our post-doctoral researchers and medical content experts produce a series of whitepapers, videos and infographics to build an impactful media mix. Focussing on a range of contemporary fertility treatment issues, we help our client showcase their market-leading approach to drug programmes, patient care and clinical best practices.


Our team created 4 in-depth whitepapers, 4 video interviews and 4 infographics for 5 key markets – Germany, Austria, Spain, France and the UK.

Our partnership also included services for whitepaper design, UX and web design, and distribution planning for channels such as social media, and email newsletter.

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