Let's work as teams. Let's change the industry.

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Unilever Food Solutions is a global brand operating in over 70 markets, supporting chefs by offering quality professional ingredients, dish inspiration, and industry best practice. They wanted to go further a step further and help tackle real industry issues.

Research conducted by Unilever revealed that a destructive kitchen culture was commonplace in the industry. Each day, many chefs are dealing with a lack of sleep, health problems, abuse and lack of control – and this is increasingly accepted as the norm. It means the industry is losing talent as chefs burn out.


In 2018, Green Park Content helped launch the #FairKitchens initiative, designed to create a better future for chefs. It’s a community-focussed programme to raise awareness of fair treatment and working conditions in the food industry, starting with restaurant owners.

A Fair Kitchen is a positive, sustainable workplace; one where staff happiness is as important as customer satisfaction. Fair Kitchens is a movement of chefs supporting chefs to inspire this more positive kitchen culture.

Our team worked with chefs and business owners in the US to get their perspective on this industry-wide issue. How do they help create the right environment for their teams? By sharing their experience and insight, these restaurateurs are spearheading the creation of a better workplace for chefs. This valuable knowledge lives on the Fair Kitchens website and is activated through social channels and events.


The #FairKitchens movement is motivating the entire industry to inspire change and build a better kitchen culture. By partnering with influential players and chefs in the industry, and the Unilever Food Solutions network of over 300 chefs globally, the ambition is a world where 17 million restaurants are running #FairKitchens.

Let's work as teams.
Let's change the industry.

Fair Kitchens - Matthew Borgersen, Sous Chef

Fair Kitchens - Let's work as teams. Let's change the industry.

Fair Ketchens
Fair Ketchens

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