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Cryptocurrency Investor Education


CoinSchedule list and rate cryptocurrency token sales and ICOs, meaning that for their business, visibility to investors and credibility are vital.

CoinSchedule partnered with Green Park Content in order to reverse a recent decline in search performance and regain their position as a top-ranking cryptocurrency industry reference.


By conducting a full technical SEO audit, creating a search-driven content plan and producing over 90 search optimised articles and infographics, we ensured that was visible as the key ICO authority and remained front of mind throughout the investment journey.

What next?

As digital currency investment has moved in to the mainstream, a knowledge gap has been identified in newcomers to the crypto investment market.

We’re now producing additional educational resources to make investment accessible, and help investors navigate their options and avoid common pitfalls.

This campaign went live in March 2018, so full results are coming soon…

Technical SEO evaluation.
‘Digital Currency’ article ranking in position 1.

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