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In 2016, Unilever needed to a way to transform their influencer-led All Things Hair YouTube channel into an online destination.

Green Park Content stepped in and became the global lead agency.

Building from the social success of the YouTube channel, Unilever wanted to capture some of the 17 billion hair category searches per year to ensure that their haircare brands are discovered throughout the customer journey and remain front of mind for all hair related subjects.


We created, a standalone hair content hub that provides the platform for customers to discover style guides, product tips, tutorials and trends whilst giving Unilever a customer-driven environment to showcase their range of haircare products.

We now have over 60 hair care experts creating content in 10 markets with the support of 3 global studios, meaning that we publish over 500 assets every month, and continue to seek out new, local influencers to co-create content with.

Each studio runs 7 shoots per month with models sourced by our team, to produce 126 videos, 1,890 images, and 156 social assets.

We blend globally relevant trends with local content and talent to make sure that everything we produce is tailored to the market it’s for.


All Things Hair content ranks on the first page of results for 4600 hair terms and over the past 18 months we have generated over 19m online views, with 50% coming from organic, and 2.6m direct searches for All Things Hair as the brand we’re building.

We’re delivering massive ROI for Unilever compared to their paid search costs.

People aren’t only looking for hair inspiration on websites, so we’ve expanded All Things Hair to Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, TV and instore with live All Things Hair experiences.

Our social channels drive over 1,000,000 users to the website as people find inspiration and take a closer look at the products they need to create the style.

We’re now developing voice search capability and content, and rolling out e-commerce functionality in key markets, meaning that people will be able to discover and buy All Things Hair products online, instore or wherever they find their inspiration.

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