Quaker Oats wanted to drive awareness and consumption of their products across a health conscious audience in Western Europe. They required unique and relevant content, tailored to meet local habits and interests across a broad demographic. The content had to be reflective of seasonal food topics, ingredient trends and informed by search queries to ensure ‘seek out’ content that not only appeared top of the search page, but that inspired nutritious breakfast choices using healthy, on-trend ingredients that would enagage their health savvy audience, across all age groups.



    We combined search insights, new recipe development, editorial, video and image production to create new recipe pages that would inspire better breakfast choices, whilst performing in search. Our in-house food specialists and global production team set to work to create deliciously tempting video and image content. Our tech team implemented a beautiful refresh of the Quaker recipe website to encourage new customers to discover exciting ways to enjoy the range of Quaker products to start their day.


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    Drive penetration & consumption of Quaker Oats in Western Europe


    Broad audience, health-conscious




    Search-driven recipes supported by video and image assets for new website

    Social Media