Jaguar came to Green Park Content with the objective of raising brand awareness of the new E-PACE, Jaguar’s first ever compact SUV. The new E-PACE needed a content marketing strategy that promoted the new SUV for the looks, agility and dynamic driving it offers, but not forgetting the historic tradition of Jaguar, always backed by British excellence. Jaguar wanted us to challenge their strategy, drive traffic and create a buzz – they wanted playful, engaging content that could push boundaries and get people talking about the new SUV.

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The first step was taxonomy and keyword research to create a SEO strategy that would enable E-PACE to dominate the SUV search space. The second step was the creation of optimised content and a production plan to include video and photography – along with a new media offering, Podcasts, to feature Brazilian influencers and thought leaders. The recent and growing media emerged as an interesting alternative for the brand’s audience, not only to bring the boldness aligned with the new E-PACE, but to provide an authoritative voice, spark discussion points and create the desired buzz. Along with a SEO and content strategy, placing the brand at the centre of SUV search terms; The podcast content allowed an even more genuine, personal connection with the brand. In turn it drove impressive results (excuse the pun!).

Results saw 20,000 new visitors throughout the length of the campaign. The new visitor numbers and engagement with the podcasts display the brand awareness desired.

  • Podcasts: The podcast Mariana Rios saw more than 1,600 plays, Paulo Manzano received 800 and Nelsinho Piquet received 700.
  • The activity drove 20,000 new visitors to Jaguar’s website