To celebrate International Women’s Day on the 8th March, Interflora created a series of video content, which brought together a diverse cast of women from all across the UK to talk about the importance and value of female relationships. Heartwarming, emotional and uplifting, these seven videos focused on the power of positive relationships, and their place in society. Interflora came to Green Park Content for a brand awareness campaign and content amplification for the bespoke videos. They wanted to increase awareness and recall of Interflora as a trusted, women-positive brand.

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We identified two distinctive female audience groups; ‘Rachel’ and ‘Diane’. ‘Rachel’ was a focus on the 29-38 female audience. ‘Diane’ targeted the Female 40+ audience. We utilised a combination of programmatic prospecting and retargeting activity and rigorous A/B testing of copy. We distributed the video content to these two audience groups using the innovative and highly engaging out-stream video format. Using our ‘Performance Cell Targeting Grid’ we strategized to test iterations within the broader targeting factors; impulsive online shopping behaviours, children vs no children, and in-depth analysis of interests vs likelihood of video viewability. We employed a CPM biding strategy throughout the campaign to maximise the scale of the campaign, to ensure we could optimise to a CPCV campaign target.


  • Decreased the Cost-per-Completed view by 40%
  • Increased the amount of 100% completed views that we planned for by 178%
  • Increased the completion rate from 20% planned to 38%