After the success of UFS Academy, Unilever Food Solutions wanted to go a step further and help tackle real industry issues. Research conducted by Unilever revealed that a destructive kitchen culture was commonplace in the industry. Each day, many chefs are dealing with a lack of sleep, health problems, abuse and lack of control – and this is increasingly accepted as the norm. It means the industry is losing talent as chefs burn out. Unilever proposed a community-focused program to raise awareness of fair treatment and working conditions in the food industry. The partnership with Green Park Content was born and the Fair Kitchens Initiative was created.


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Our team approached chefs and business owners in the US to get their perspective on this industry-wide issue of unfair treatment and destructive kitchen culture, we looked into what these restaurateurs could do to help create the right environment for their teams. The consensus was their experience and insight, and being able to create a positive, sustainable workplace; one where staff happiness is as important as customer satisfaction. The community focused program was launched and ‘Fair Kitchens Stories’ was created offering training videos, advice and tips by chefs for chefs, and short guides on topics including improving communication and supporting team members experiencing a personal crisis. The ‘FairKitchens’ movement is calling upon the entire industry worldwide. To meet global demand, all content is translated across multiple markets and optimised for local search to inspire change, build a better kitchen culture and attract young people to stay in the industry.


The Fair Kitchens movement is motivating the entire industry to inspire change and build a better kitchen culture. By partnering with influential players and chefs in the industry, and the Unilever Food Solutions network of over 300 chefs globally, the ambition is a world where 17 million restaurants are running #FairKitchens.