Pepsico launched a new brand with a purpose-led vision. They wanted a beverage that is better for the planet and the people who drink it, they wanted to give consumers choice and empower them to create their own experience. Drinkfinity was created with a view to keeping their fans inspired with new blends and great ingredients. Pepsico came to us with a brief for Drinkfinity with the objective of raising brand awareness for the new product, we needed to communicate their innovative products and sustainability promise throughout the content created, and position the drink as a new, cool, environmentally friendly, forward-thinking brand.

    Content/Data & Tech/SEO

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    To position the brand as a stand alone offering and a ‘new brand on the block’, set aside from Pepsico’s vast portfolio, we decided to create a low branded content site for Drinkfinity called ‘Free The Essence’ to showcase the range of products on offer. Our SEO teams set to work on taxonomy and keyword research to fuel the content creation and optimisation, and our production teams created articles, videos and infographics, all optimised to meet search terms, but not forgetting the new brand values and proposition. The site was populated with a strong brand story, branded content, a strong creative presence and modern bias aligned to Drinkfinity.


    Green Park Content helped position Drinkfinity as its own brand, with its own brand message and with the high volume of publications, shareable themes and SEO strategy in place, we quickly saw results:

    • 150,000 organic accesses in one month
    • Over 3,000 new ‘fans’ created on the Drinkfinity Facebook page
    • We received more than 2 million users (throughout length of campaign)