In 2016, Unilever appointed Green Park Content to develop a strategy that would transform their influencer-led All Things Hair YouTube channel into an online destination content hub. Individual hair care brands were competing for the same needs based content and were up against established publishers, platforms and devices within the world of beauty and lifestyle. It was important to understand what people were seeking out and how. Independent research showed inspiration searches (e.g. hairstyles) had increased dramatically and publisher or beauty sites were the main destinations, not brands. Consumers wanted brand agnostic advice and that advice was enabling their onward journey. The brands couldn’t compete on their own.

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All Things Hair was transformed and four years on, it now exists as a multi-channel brand in 10 markets, with 11 websites, 7 Instagram channels, a highly engaged Pinterest channel and a successful e-comm store in Brazil. The brand has earned its place in the hearts and minds of an ever-growing global audience as a one-stop online destination ‘content hub’ for style guides, product tips, tutorials and trends, all the while showcasing Unilever’s broad range of haircare products. Our approach to content is holistic. We’re reaching new people by staying on top of the latest trends, cultural moments and serving the core needs of our audience. Each piece of content is carefully crafted to deliver against relevant search queries, putting the audience first with relevant recommendations and targeted, engaging content that helps and informs.


In the UK alone, over 10,000 hair care and style terms currently rank in the top 10 positions on Google results page for All Things Hair, in the US that figure reaches to over 56,000. And that’s just two out of our ten markets, every month we’re sending millions of users globally to the hub. Since its inception in 2016, All Things Hair has achieved monumental global audience growth YoY. Despite a global pandemic gripping the world in 2020, All things Hair experienced its most successful year on record. Here’s some of our key highlights:

  •  2020 saw a 342% organic traffic increase on the previous year
  • By year end 2020, organic traffic had reached 39.7 million sessions
  • Average user search volumes across 8 of our ATH markets grew year-on-year by 35.25%, but ATH grew by a massive 342.37%
  • Q4 2020 saw a traffic increase of 66%, compared to our previous quarterly record held in Q4 2019
  • We surpassed our annual traffic target by 59%
  • We saw 200% traffic increase in Q1 compared to previous years
  • Despite a global pandemic, this accelerated to 600%+ above 2019 figures for the next 9 months of the year

Our reactive strategy in response to Covid-19 meant that overall growth in the first half of the year ensured that ATH traffic in 2020 was well ahead of user search trends. This led to great successes in overall traffic numbers as outlined in our outstanding results.

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