What we do


Creating the best content should be a given for any content marketing agency. What differentiates Green Park Content is our ability to combine deep analytical technology with expert and compelling content creation. This unique combination enables us to help clients in multiple industries engage and convert customers, wherever they are in the world.

At Green Park Content, we provide a total end-to-end content marketing service, based on four key pillars:



We discover and analyse online trends for our clients using Telescope.



We create compelling content that is tailor-made for target audiences.



We distribute content in multiple formats to multiple devices using Telescope.



We combine expert content creation and Telescope technology to convert customers.

Analyse and discover using Telescope

Green Park Content is the first content marketing agency to build its own content discovery and distribution platform: Telescope.

Telescope has changed the way in which our marketers and editors create content for our clients. By searching through millions of webpages on the web, Telescope allows our teams to follow trends and stay ahead of the market. Results are reliable, relevant, and adjustable to consumers’—and our teams’— needs in real time. We built this platform to deepen interaction and engagement between our clients and their audience.

Our teams use Telescope to discover and analyse trends, thus creating unique content with which audiences engage.

We enhance the penetration and impact of your brands online through:

  • Real-time trends discovery
  • Strategic content distribution

Telescope enables our teams to monitor key metrics that drive global and local performance. By doing so, we craft marketing strategies that increase traffic to clients’ websites and allow new audiences to be reached.

Create strategic content – the road to success

Any successful content marketing initiative must be built on solid strategic foundations. Using a combination of experience, expertise and analysis, we create detailed content strategies for clients that ensure successful outcomes. Each strategy contains a detailed roadmap with a matrix of content-centric activities and deliverables which, over a pre-determined period, deliver results.

Expert, creative content optimised for SEO

With an agreed content strategy in place, we create and deliver a wide range of content as part of our end-to-end content marketing and brand publishing services.

We ensure that all content is highly targeted, relevant and engaging. Our team comprises editors, journalists and subject matter experts who are not only first-class online content writers, but also SEO-savvy – which means that they make every word count in the quest for web search results.

Online visual content created in-house

With an increasing demand for online visual content, we have set up in-house photography and videography studios in our London and Sao Paolo offices. Our studios allow us to create compelling, memorable and shareable visual marketing messages across multiple formats.

Key content areas that we have expertise and experience in include:





Photo galleries


Web design that enhances content

Great content doesn’t exist in a vacuum – it needs great web design to maximise its value and impact.

At Green Park Content, we have highly-creative, cutting-edge web design and development teams. We don’t take a ‘triumph of design over content’ approach – we use web design to make our content ‘sing’.

As well as creative front-end web design capabilities, we have deep technological skills to develop back-end web infrastructures. Clients benefit from highly functional, secure, and robust websites that support a wide range of content deployments.  These capabilities provide clients with:

Agility to respond to market demands

Immediate implementation of features / plugins

Use of the very latest leading-edge technologies

Complete integration with a wide range of marketing software solutions

Precision delivery tied in with strategic objectives

Knowledge shared across all areas of an organisation/ project

Distribute content in multiple formats

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops – today, consumers want to access and interact with digital content across multiple platforms. This presents a challenge to organisations who need to deliver marketing messages and content to an increasingly on-the-move, tech-savvy audience.

We deploy Telescope, Green Park Content’s proprietary content discovery and distribution platform, to distribute content strategically. As 70% of internet users want to learn about products through content versus traditional media, we deliver content based on customers’ behaviour patterns and interests to relevant websites.

Telescope’s software enables us to scale clients’ content ad campaigns through promoting content across numerous native networks. Budgets are optimised and managed across all partners in real time.

Telescope distribution follows the same process for each new ad created: upload, format, predict, promote, optimise. It allows the user to handle all elements of a campaign – media pricing, networks, content, publishers, and audience through a single dashboard.


Convert and engage customers

The powerful combination of expert content creation and our unique Telescope technology means that we help our clients maximise engagement, interaction, and conversion opportunities with customers across multiple industries and territories. We enhance and sustain the relationship between our clients and their customers.

Throw us a challenge


There’s nothing we like more than a challenging brief from a client. Tell us what you’re trying to achieve from your content marketing and we’ll come up with solutions.